When She Was Gone


Criminologist David Dunnigan's niece has ben missing for eighteen years without a trace -- until now. A HEART-STOPPING CLUE Someone has sent Dunnigan a shoe - one Beth was wearing the day she disappeared -- and the investigation is swiftly reignited, along with her uncle's hopes of finding her alive. But is he ready for what else he might find? A DANGEROUS JOURNEY As new evidence starts to link Beth's abduction to a series of apparent suicides and a horrifying people-trafficking network, Dunnigan furiously chases down leads before the trail goes cold once more and Beth is lost forever. And when the search brings Dunnigan, accompanied by his loyal friend Miley and ex-soldier partner-in-crime Diane, to the frozen north of Greenland, the hunt starts to become more and more dangerous. BUT WHERE WILL IT END? Will it lead him to Beth, after all this time?

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Crime & mystery fiction; Crime, Thriller & Adventure; AF: Crime;