Waitress And Other Poems


In this collection Halligan takes his personal, often hilarious but always beautiful, observations and makes them relevant to each and every one of us. A true delight.
This collection of poems captures an Ireland at a crossroads of class, culture and moral identity. These changes are explored through simple family vignettes, corner-boy voyeurism and many colourful characters. Most of the poems can be comfortably read between two or three breaths, but they linger, provoke and ask to be reread another time. The American poems document a different, though no more complex, landscape through which the author has journeyed over many years.
Becoming You Grandfather Brown Turner in the National Gallery My Father Yuri Alexeyevich Page of Rothery's Shops of Ireland Wedding Of The Year My Son Sent Me a Text Today The White Sands Of The Islands Of Greece Waiting for Manus Lines Of Altitude Ripples Children of Lir Faerie McNeale Waitress An Angel meets Joe Dolan Free Fall Double Espresso Daydream Feile na nGael Dublin Trilogy Painting at the Rhino room Dublin Trilogy The Loss of The Country Boy in September Dublin Trilogy Navel Gazing P.O. BOX A Sorry Sack No Rocket Pat Che Midnight Mass Statue of Fatima Italian Wedding Lines on William Orpen's Holy Well- A Moment in the Garden Train to Aberdeen The th of June Last Sunrise Girl Smoking A Cigarette Granite And Crooked Crosses Inside Out Tyre-farming in County Cavan Pas na h-Eirinn On Curkish Lane Anatomy Lesson Journey To The Top Of The World Boardwalker St Valentine's Day Bethlehem Prayer A Strange Place To Be St Brigid's Hospital Roadkill Dream Boy Nocturne Men in Black Meniscus Pink Strange Faces Cherry Blossom Morning Walking On Cracks The Blackbird Vietnam Another Country Little Kisses After Your Blaze Yellow Line To Huntingdon Blackbird @ The Junction Of Maxwell And Crown Adirondack Passage Passing Ships The Chicken Is A Noble Bird The Vill

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