Travels in Zanskar: A Journey to a Closed Kingdom


An account of a magical journey through the vestiges of Old Tibet.
An account of a magical journey through the vestiges of Old Tibet.
"Some years ago Mark Boyden was privileged to travel through Zanskar, one of the few Himalayan regions as yet unmodernised. For political reasons this peripheral province of old Tibet had remained isolated while elsewhere motor-roads, and all that those entail, were abruptly ending a way of life that had survived almost unchanged for millennia. Travels in Zanskar is both a gripping adventure story (every detail rings true) and a sensitive interpretation of an ancient culture on the eve of its demolition... our reward here is a travel book in the classic tradition." (From the Foreword by Dervla Murphy) "I enjoyed reading this... such a unique journey, through a world I had never heard described before.... The fact that the author was travelling through such uncharted territory meant one never knew what was going to befall him next... the world would love to learn about Zanskar past and present." (Manchan Magan, The Irish Times) "This is a compelling and fascinating read. Mark Boyden has imparted the glory and the uniqueness of the place with care, and the story has left me with a sense of wonder. His respect for the subject is pervasive and somehow reassuring in these times of the goldfish bowl traveller." (Clem Cairns, Fish Publishing)"
In his youth Mark Boyden trekked into the Sierra Nevadas, the Canadian and American Rockies, the Pacific Coast Ranges, the Alps and the Himalayas. He is now a noted Ecologist and Environmental Educator, creator of the StreamScapes Aquatic Education Programme. He lives in Bantry, County Cork.

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