The The Sex Manifesto of Isolde X: What Women Want


The author, Isolde X, is on a quest to make sex beautiful for women again, more beautiful than it has been for thousands of years, since patriarchy began its war against the Feminine, and love, honor and respect for womanhood disappeared from our sexual culture. This thought-provoking book evokes the mythic archetypes of the great goddesses of world culture in order to explore the problem of sex in our contemporary world---Sheelah, Bóand, Parvati, Inanna and Aphrodite. In the company of these iconic deities, guided by their ancient wisdom, the author takes us on an imaginary journey through the shadowlands of our sexual culture, shining the light of awareness on all the challenges that women face today, from rape culture, to pornography and sex robots. This mythic pilgrimage ends at the oracle of the sex goddess, Aphrodite, who imparts her words of wisdom to women today. Like a good friend, Aphrodite speaks the truth and gets to the root cause of our predicament. Unconcerned about what is fashionable today, she offers timeless wisdom from beyond the bubble of our own culture, and in doing so, she is like the mother of all agony aunts---telling us, not what we want to hear, but what we need to hear. The goddess urges women to take matters under their control, fix what is broken, and correct the sexual destiny of humanity, before it is too late. This is the companion volume to The Sex Manifesto of Isolde X, by the same author. While that book dealt with the question of what women want from men, this book addresses women's responsibility in determining the nature of their own sex lives, both on an individual and a societal basis. Written in response to the notorious 'Belfast Rape Trial', What Would Aphrodite Say? is aimed primarily at single women who find themselves at the coalface of our misogynistic, debased sexual culture. The author addresses this difficult reality and explores the dystopic future of sex that looms on the horizon, should current trends

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