The The Catching of the Camino Wind


Avril is walking the Camino Francés in the hope of ridding herself of an inner demon that has cursed her young life when she meets Giovanni who has suffered a personal tragedy. He is in a dark place and needs rescuing. He had a dream directing him to walk the Camino. He undertakes it, but is an awkward and reluctant pilgrim.Riku, a Japanese zoologist, has his normally calm and relaxed nature shaken when he meets Ella; a Bulgarian Environmentalist with a carefree and cheeky disposition – Zeeta, a Parisian poet is out to discover the secrets of the universe but finds the philosophy of a Greek prison officer more appealing.Geordie is out to test his strength and mental agility to mark his seventieth birthday and discovers more about himself on the Camino that he had in his entire life. What do these pilgrims and others walking the Camino Francés have in common? What is it that binds them together, making them reveal secrets to each other they have never revealed to their closest friends or family? Could it be love or is it just the magical charm of the Camino effect? Be humoured, shocked and surprised by this unusual love story that blossomed on the road to Santiago.

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