The Meaning of Life with Gay Byrne: Conversations on Love, Beliefs, Morality, Grief and Everything in Between


What's it all about? Why am I here? Is there a God? Why do bad things happen? What happens when we die? All the big questions - and some interesting answers - from Gay Byrne's popular TV show.
What's it all about? Why am I here? Is there a God? Why do bad things happen? What happens when we die? On RTE's The Meaning of Life, Gay Byrne has spoken with public figures about these questions and many others. Few of them are religious experts-and Gay Byrne certainly wouldn't claim to be-but all of them have, at times, had cause to think about life and its meaning. Here, for the first time, Gay recollects the most insightful discussions on the big themes: childhood, love, faith, disbelief, morality, grief-the universal themes that bind us all-and reveals the meaning the interviews have had for him. Gay suggests that the show's success is less to do with the profile of its guests and more about the fact that viewers can imagine themselves in the hot-seat. "How would I answer that one ...? What do I think ...?" Now, readers can re-experience the interviews at leisure and ponder their own beliefs from the written word.
Includes interviews with Martin Sheen Bob Geldof Andrea Corr Niall Quinn Sir Richard Branson Mary McAleese Noel Gallagher Sinead O'Connor Colin Farrell Sir Terry Wogan Bono Brendan O'Carroll Norah Casey Tommy Tiernan Father Shay Cullen Bertie Ahern Gabriel Byrne Brenda Fricker Neil Jordan Sir Michael Parkinson Abbot Mark Patrick Hederman Sean Gallagher Paddy Moloney Maeve Binchy
Gay Byrne is a veteran presenter of radio and television. Described by the Irish Times as "unquestionably the most influential radio and television man in the history of the Irish State", he continues in his "retirement" to be a much loved Irish broadcaster. His most notable role was as the first host of RTE's The Late Late Show over a 37-year period, from1962 until 1999. He has presented the television se

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