In a new book inspired by her hilarious The M Word blog, TV presenter and blogger Maia Dunphy brilliantly explores the trivialities, traumas and even occasional moments of parenting bliss that being a mum entails.
Blogger and TV presenter Maia Dunphy is much-loved by women everywhere for her girl-next-door relatability and a non-judgmental curiosity, which brilliantly explores how we live now. As a new mum, her focus has shifted to the pressures of modern motherhood and in her first book she shares her experiences of dealing with unwanted advice, sleep deprivation, competitive parenting and dirty nappies. Inspired by the blog of the same name, The M Word provides an antidote to the constant judgement that being a mother brings. Covering everyday trivialities, traumas and even occasional moments of parenting bliss, this hilarious and brilliantly observed look at what being a mum entails provides a dose of light relief for mothers everywhere who are fed up with the pressure to do it all whilst running on two hours' sleep and wearing baby-puke-covered clothes. Read this and relax, you're doing fine.
Maia Dunphy is a blogger, author, broadcaster and television producer. She has written and produced for leading RTE comedies such as Podge and Rodge and Zig and Zag, and has made 12 female-centric documentaries for RTE including What Women Want and Maia Dunphy's The Truth About series. She lives between Dublin and London with her very modern blended family.

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