The Love Story Of W.B. Yeats & Maud Gonne


A dramatic and compelling story of the great love of W.B. Yeats for Maud Gonne, the woman he immortalised in his poems.
Set in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, this romantic tale unfolds against a background of political unrest and tenant agitation in Ireland. The poet William Butler Yeats in a central figure in the Irish literary revival, while Maud Gonne, a political activist, is passionately involved in the struggle for Irish independence. But this is not a dissertation about Yeats' work, nor is it about the history of the day or the political involvements of Maud Gonne. It is a love story, containing some of the most poignant poems ever written.
Margery Brady was born and reared in Cork. She later moved to Kilkenny where she lived with her husband and two sons.

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