The Long-Winded Lady


With a new introduction by Belinda McKeon Reissued to coincide with the centenary of Maeve Brennan’s birth on January 6th 2017. “Now when I read through this book I seem to be looking at snapshots. It is as though the long-winded lady were showing snapshots taken during a long, slow journey not through but in the most cumbersome, most reckless, most ambitious, most confused, most comical, the saddest and coldest and most human of cities. Sometimes I think that inside New York there is a Wooden Horse struggling desperately to get out, but more often these days I think of New York as the capsized city. Half-capsized, anyway, with the inhabitants hanging on, most of them still able to laugh as they cling to the island that is their life’s predicament.” —from the Author’s Note in the original edition of The Long-Winded Lady (1969)

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