The Legacy of Armstrong House


2017 At Armstrong House, Kate and Nico Collins are looking forward to a bright future with their young son Cian. When archaeologist Daniel Byrne arrives in the area to investigate life there during the Great Famine, he soon crosses paths with Kate. Through Daniel s work, Kate is horrified todiscover that a vicious sexual assault occurred in their home in the 1860s when the occupants were Nico s ancestors Lord Edward and his wife Lady Anna. Kate sets out to use all her investigative skills to discover the circumstances of the crime, the identity of the victim and the guilty party. 1860s After Lawrence, the long-awaited heir to the Armstrong Estate, is born Lord Edward and Lady Anna take great joy in watching him grow up. But somebody else is watching Edward s cousin Sinclair who has always felt cheated of the Armstrong legacy by the unexpected birth of Lawrence. As Anna s past comes back to haunt her, life at the house is a tangled web of deceit, blackmail and betrayal that shatters in the summer of 1865. 2017 As Kate s detective work edges closer to discovering the truth behind the assault, she and Daniel uncover a mystery that goes much deeper. Kate realises that if the truth is ever revealed it will not only destroy the legacy of the Armstrong family but also her marriage to Nico

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