The Jinn Within: Dajjal


Ready? You have to be! Is Dajjal a human being or the Spirit rather? Definitely Spirit. Where to meet him? In my book and everywhere, hidden behind the false Prophets. Is Jeff in this part? Yes! Why King Solomon's Sword? It means the Prophecy and war on the Spiritual stage. Why it started in UK? They have been chosen to be the opening portal. In 2015/6 my Witch was negotiating with very powerful Spiritual being. I saw it many times, him, standing in Northern Ireland, awakening. Years later everything was ready... I hope you understand what's going on? They came to fight and protect our earth. Soon before Australia and Wuhan... and more... BTW Saying great THANKS for Fazza - the World needed that donation.

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BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Mysticism; BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Magick Studies; Mysticism, magic & ritual; Re