The House on Silver Street


It is 1973 and Connie Devine prepares to leave County Offaly to study medicine in Manchester. Her mother Kate, however, had her heart set on Connie going to university in Dublin and is bitterly disappointed not to get her wish. She fears that her daughter will make a life for herself in England and settle there. Also, Manchester is the home of the beautiful and successful Tara Kennedy, Connie s aunt, and Kate for reasons of her own is determined that Connie will have no contact with Tara. Then, before she leaves Offaly, Connie encounters Tara s young brother-in-law, William, at a party. They are instantly attracted. But when Kate discovers that William has a guilty secret, she exposes it to break up the romance. Settled at Manchester University, Connie tries to forget William. She begins a weekend job which Kate has organised, looking after children. Initially dazzled by the luxurious house on Silver Street, and the generous money she earns there, Connie comes to realise the couple are reckless in their lifestyle and neglectful of their children. Then, an incident occurs on Silver Street which threatens to shatter Connie s hopes of a medical career, and Kate s worst fears are realised when Tara is brought into the picture

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