The Heavens Are All Blue: A memoir of two doctors, a marriage and a life of love before loss


When Dr Kate McGarry was diagnosed with an advanced cancer of unknown origin she resolved to write a book to chart her experience: as a woman coming to terms with such devastating news and what this meant to her as a wife and a mother but also, crucially, how she experienced cancer and its treatment as a doctor, who had become a patient. As Kate adjusted to living with cancer and underwent treatment, she enlisted the help of her husband, fellow doctor, Finbar to help her write the book but then she sadly passed away on the 5 January 2018. With no writing experience, and wrestling with his own heartache, Finbar set about finishing their story. The result is a touchingly beautiful memoir about love, grief and togetherness.

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MEDICAL / Nursing / Oncology & Cancer; FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Death, Grief, Bereavement; Coping wi