The Harvest Tide Project


Taya and Lorkrin must try to find a way to sabotage the Harvest Tide Project and avert the disaster it will unleash.
Taya and Lorkrin are Myunans - shape-changers who can sculpt their flesh like modelling clay. They accidentally release Shessil Groach, a timid botanist working in captivity on the top-secret Harvest Tide Project. A massive manhunt is launched by the sinister Noranian Empire, which will stop at nothing to protect its Project.With the help of a scent-seller, a barbarian mapmaker and their uncle Emos, the teenagers and Groach keep one step ahead of the Noranians, while they try to find a way to sabotage the Harvest Tide Project and avert the disaster it will unleash.
'One of those rare gems that are perfect for every age group.' -- Evening Echo Evening Echo 'Depicts .. The world of Braskia, where shape-changing teenage heroes get embroiled in a variets of adventures. The substantial plot involves a number of strands, and there's a crucial science fiction dimension. Its humour will appeal to boy readers particularly.' -- Celia Keenan - The Sunday Independent The Sunday Independent 'some wonderfully weird secondary characters.' -- The Irish Times The Irish Times 'I would definitely recommend this book to other readers, as it is a spectacular tale, full of adventure and magic. Because of its fast-moving plot and straightforward style, I think this book is suitable for 10 to 15 year olds. -- Mark Treacy, 16 - Evening Echo Evening Echo 'Original, exciting and richly imaginative, a refreshing departure from the beaten track of mainstream fantasy' -- Publishing News 'An action-packed series of entrapments and escapes, successes and setbacks ... populated by a seemingly endless cast of divertingly weird creatures.' -- Books for Keeps An immensely accomplished and completely original fast-paced action fantasy. This is a story you hope will never end. -- Pat Boran and Siobhan Parkinson Unexplained death and secret projects; kidnapping, murder and conspirac

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