The Great Pretender: A Hector Lassiter Novel


The Great Pretender" spans the decades-long, uneasy friendship between Hector Lassiter and Orson Welles, from the run-up to Welles’ infamous War of the Worlds “Panic Broadcast of 1938” to the set of the noir classic The Third Man and the ruins of post-war Vienna. The novel finds the actor and author in a race for a lost holy relic promising its possessor infinite power but a ghastly death if lost. Hector and Orson’s competitors in their quest for the “Spear of Destiny” or “Holy Lance” include German occultists, members of the Third Reich, a sensuous Creole Voodoo priestess, and a strangely obsessed J. Edgar Hoover.

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Orson Welles, Hector Lassiter, occultism, magic, black arts, J. Edgar Hoover,