The Boyne Currach: from Beneath the Shadows of Newgrange


This book tells the fascinating story of a much-used vessel with prehistoric origins: the currach. Well-informed and imbued with stories from around the globe, the book is written in a very accessible style, highlighting the author's obvious love for these boats. It is a pioneering piece of work that throws new light on an ancient Irish craft. An overview of the history of the Boyne currach and related skin boats is followed by a how-to guide with instructions on how to build your own currach, including the materials needed, where to source them, and how to master the age-old techniques of weaving and binding. With so few currach-makers left in the world, the author hopes to preserve this craft for generations to come. The final section of the book details the Newgrange Currach Project. This project is a unique attempt by the author - an expert currach-maker - to recreate the currach used by the builders of the Newgrange passage tombs. At 34 ft. long, this wicker currach represents an incredible feat of boat engineering and a piece of living history. On completion, it will embark on a journey retracing (in reverse) the voyage believed to have been made by the Neolithic tomb-builders, from Newgrange to northern Spain. *** " Gibne reveals that 'by learning how to make these boats and by visiting the homes of the men and women who had based their lives around the River Boyne, I have crafted this voyage into the story of a civilization.' Readers quickly understand that they are in the hands of an eloquent scribe as well as a master craftsman. This splendid (36-foot Newgrange Currach) project delivers a powerful cultural tribute to prehistoric people's desires and hopes to learn, explore, and better their lives in new lands." - The Celtic Connection, March 2013 *** " Gibne's relationship to the Boyne currach is akin to devotion and his charismatic and almost evangelical writing shows this throughout the book." - International Journal of Maritime History, Vol. XXV, No. 1,

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