It was the best summer of Anna's life. Until the world blew up around her, and her friend Jessie died ... The Blamed is the compelling, thought-provoking new novel by bestselling author Emily Hourican.
The compelling, thought-provoking new bestseller from well-known journalist and writer Emily Hourican. It was the best summer of Anna's life. The summer she fell in love. The summer she found out who she was, and felt for the first time the great, magnetic pull of Life, and knew she could have all of it.Until the world blew up around her, and her friend Jessie died.Now it's fifteen years later and Anna's troubled daughter - named Jessie in memory of Anna's friend - has some questions about her namesake. When she goes searching for answers, the truth about what happened all those years ago threatens to escape and tip the delicate balance forever.
Emily Hourican is a journalist and author. She has written features for the Sunday Independent for ten years, as well as Image magazine, Conde Nast Traveler and Woman and Home. She was also editor of The Dubliner Magazine. Emily's first book, non-fiction, How To (Really) Be A Mother was published in 2013; a funny, honest and thoughtful account of how she learned to stop faking it as a mother, and become her own version of the real thing. She lives in Dublin with her family.She is the author of The Privileged and White Villa.

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