Tax Advice for Irish Family Businesses


Tax Advice for Irish Family Businesses offers essential and practical tax solutions for the real tax issues facing 200,000 family businesses in Ireland. Authored by Michael Gaffney of KPMG, it is of interest to AITI Chartered Tax Advisers, AITI Students, professional advisers and business owners. Can you handle the complex tax issues that arise in a family business every day? What are my options for selling part or all of my business? How do I pass on my business? What are the typical contents of a shareholders’ agreement? What are the tax implications around pay for key employees – shares for employees, flexible benefit schemes etc? How do I account for goodwill, selling assets, or joint ventures? How can I value my company? Packed with real-life questions and case study solutions, Tax Advice for Irish Family Businesses is your plain-English guide to the above questions and much more.

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