‘The rain was still falling, but the dark had parted…’ F Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby. Luke falls. He has epilepsy. And, as it turns out, he has much bigger issues too. Esther falls. In love. It’s wonderful – but there’s a shadow that she can’t identify and she can’t make go away just by loving Luke. Luke’s experience has taught him to despise himself; Esther’s self-belief is fragile. And love is not as easy as it looks. Will they be still falling at the end of term? A story about the struggle it can be to love someone who doesn’t love themselves – and why it’s worth it. From the winner of Children’s Books Ireland Honour for Fiction, the CBI Children’s Choice Award and CBI Book of the Year Award for her previous novels Taking Flight and Grounded.

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YA, teen, Belfast, epilepsy, illness, love