Shadowblade: The Beginning


A cynical and sometimes abrupt seventeen year old, Ysabell is bored of her life in the small farming community where she works as a barmaid. She dreams of a life of adventure. A strange elven trader, staying in the village tavern on his way to the city, becomes the catalyst for change in her life. She sets out on a journey that teaches her of loss, true sacrifice, heroism, bravery and why we should be careful what we wish for. Ysabell earns a reputation for determination against the odds. She leads her small group of companions, each with their own unique quirks and troubles, through battles, ambushes, and the depths of the abyss. The stakes couldn’t be higher, legions of demons and hordes of goblins descend upon Carraigbán City. She must overcome her own insecurities, redefine her views on right and wrong. She must learn to control her anger and come to terms with her loss if she is to have any chance of surviving... if she is to have any chance of preventing an apocalypse that seeks to destroy far more than just one city.

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YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / General; YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Magical Realism; Fantasy & magical re