Rocking the System: Fearless and Amazing Irish Women who Made History
None ed.


Twenty illustrated essays on Irish women, historical and contemporary, who have defied cultural norms, achieved great things and in some way rocked the system. The subjects include Irish women from Queen Medb to Eileen Gray, from Constance Markievicz to Sonia O’Sullivan, covering stateswomen, artists, writers, activists and rebels of all kinds. Written by multi award-winning author and first Laureate na nÓg (Irish Children’s Laureate), Siobhán Parkinson. Illustrated by painter, printmaker and pen and ink artist Bren Luke. Perfect for use in schools as well as for leisure reading, this collection celebrates the role of women in Ireland’s changing society. The ideal readership is age 11+.

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People & places (Children's / Teenage); Educational: History; Feminism & feminist theory; (D) 9-11 y