Outlanders: Stories of the Displaced


WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO SURVIVE? What sacrifices would you endure for a better life? Would you swim a vast river? Would you trek across a desert or float through a malarial rainforest? How about breaking out of a slave plantation? Boarding a leaky ship? Escaping a siege? Within these covers are the stories of seven people who answered `yes' to these questions and more. They are ordinary human beings who found themselves in extraordinary situations: Zarhawar, Saadia, Mar Mar, Chue Vang, Hawraz, Bojana, and Azhar - though you may know them better as `refugee'. Outlanders offers a glimpse into their lives, not through screen or newsfeed, but through the very eyes of those who survived. Outlanders is a collection of refugee stories, compiled from some of the people whom the author met while working in the US and Ireland. There are stories of old people and young, recently arrived and well established, originating from Laos, Burma, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq and Bosnia. The first of its kind to explore the subject from a creative perspective, the book builds on the journalistic work available on the subject. The stories are presented in a style that immerses the reader in the experience of the refugee, to see what they saw, smell what they smelt and feel what they felt. These unique individual stories are bound together by similarities in daily life, the eruption of conflict and the privations endured to escape it.
Sean O Tuathaigh was born and raised in Sligo and has an MPhil in Creative Writing from TCD. Before that course, he taught English in Hanoi, Vietnam. After graduation, in 2016, he moved to the US for 18 months, where he worked as a refugee biographer in a resettlement agency and, following that experience, he wrote Outlanders.

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