Malaga: A Souvenir and Guide


Málaga, with its mild winters, has one of the best climates in Europe. Not only that, the city has developed and expanded in recent decades. It is a wonderful place to visit, to wander through its historic centre and to savour the essence of the city. In this extensively researched book, Michael Barry tells the story of Málaga and its region, using a selection of absorbing images. He describes the various eras: how the city started as a Phoenician settlement;the prosperous times during the Roman era, based on production of a fish sauce in huge demand in Rome;Málaga as second city of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada until its capture by the Catholic Monarchs in 1487 andthe vicissitudes of the city up to the modern times.In addition, the splendour of Málaga, both great and small, are shown in a series of original photographs.

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