Irish Women's Fiction: From Edgeworth to Enright


Irish Women 's Fiction examines women s novels up to and following the establishment of the Irish state, the period of the Second World War, the Second Wave feminism of the 1970s, to postmodernism in the 1990s. Heather Ingman discusses Irish women s writing across all major genres both literary and popular, including children s writing, crime fiction, and in the discussion of the writing of the Celtic Tiger era, the phenomenal success of Irish chick lit. The topic of Irish women s writing is still a neglected one, with women s novels too often sidelined, despite the international recognition gained by prize- winning novels such as Anne Enright and Emma Donoghue, among others. Describing the circumstances of women's writing lives, as well as the themes with which they deal, Irish Women's Fiction is written in an accessible style and is the first ever single-volume survey of Irish women s writing and writers, bringing Irish women writers back in to the canon of Irish literature.

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