I'm Irish: Get Me Out of Here!


The booze culture, the obsession with property, tribunals, racism and a lousy infrastructure: just some of our pet peeves Donal Ruane voices in his own inimitable way. If you liked Tales in a Rearview Mirror, you should love this.
I'm Irish: Get Me Out of Here! is a book about the national hangover. For years we had a big party called the Celtic Tiger. Now the party's over, for the moment at least, and we have a bit of a national headache. Donal Ruane tells you why. Written in his inimitable anecdotal style, I'm Irish: Get Me Out of Here! looks at the elements that make up the national headache. The booze and drug culture. The obsession with property. The shenanigans of the tribunals. The pervasive racism. The lousy infrastructure. All in all, he asks why we're so fed up when we're supposed to be richer than ever. He has stories, both from his own experience and from his taxi-driving days to illustrate his points. Donal Ruane's take on the new Ireland is streetwise, knowing and very funny. If you liked Tales in a Rearview Mirror , you'll love this.
Donal Ruane was formerly a lot of things including filmmaker and a taxi driver. These days, he's a full-time writer following the huge success of his first book, Tales in a Rearview Mirror.

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