I am Going to be Debt Free: Don't Just Change Your Financial Life - Transform it


In the transformational, not informational, I Am Going to be Debt Free, Liam Croke argues that it is not where you start out, but the decisions you make about where you're determined to end up that matter. This book will provide you with the tools, confidence and know-how to practically and effectively address your money worries for good. Liam Croke’s no-nonsense guide to assessing, managing and moving on from personal debt is optimistic and non-judgemental in outlook, and avoids the doom-and-gloom mentality that can often surround discussions on debt. Through his conversational writing style, Croke offers the reader realistic strategies to reduce debt and to boost finances. By making a few practical adjustments, he demonstrates how easy it can be to overcome financial difficulties such as mortgage and credit card repayments. With the inclusion of an A-Z debt dictionary, real life examples and budget templates, as well as a call to action at the end of each chapter, readers are encouraged to create an action plan for managing and eliminating debt. With simple, honest and professional advice, I Am Going to be Debt Free will give readers the practical tools required to get out – and stay out – of debt forever.

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