Historical Perspectives on Parenthood and Childhood in Ireland


The essays in this collection focus on aspects of parenthood and childhood in Ireland from the 1700s to the 1950s. They provide new insights into parent-child relations in the past and pursue new areas of research, including the family life of Theobald Wolfe Tone; childhood in the Country House in Munster; the treatment of Irish mothers sent to the State Inebriate Reformatory, Ennis’.; elite and gentry female education; the role of dress and gender in childhood; the Irish boys’ brigade and scouting organisations; child burials in post-medieval times; the health of poor children in Dublin; the decline of breastfeeding in the early twentieth century; and a detailed study of the BCG vaccination campaign to combat childhood tuberculosis in the twentieth century. These essays exemplify the most recent research strands in the history of Irish childhood and they highlight the often complex role played by parents and other adults in the emotional, educational, cultural, social, spiritual and physical wellbeing of children.

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