Growing Up with Ireland: A Century of Memories from Our Oldest and Wisest Citizens


One hundred years of memories from Ireland's 'independence babies' - a compelling story of a changing republic
On 7 January 1922, the Irish Free State was born, into a turbulent Ireland that would witness still more violence and bloodshed. But alongside the State's fledgling democracy, there were babies being born into an Ireland full of hope. Here are the stories of twenty of those babies, born between 1921 and 1925. From recollections of the big snow of 1932, to Eamon de Valera speaking to crowds in a rural town square, to living by gaslight and trips to the seaside on the crossbar of daddy's bike to pick cockles for mammy, the stories reflect both a simpler time and a tougher one, where childhood was short and the world of work beckoned from an early age. In living memory are tales of 'rambling' houses - where each night neighbours would walk over the fields to sit around the fire, drink tea and tell stories - the scourge of TB, childbirth in an earlier era, hiding out in Santry Woods, when the Black and Tans raided, and pride in a father who was interned in Frongach, Wales after the Easter Rising. Growing Up with Ireland is a compelling portrait of the changes, challenges and triumphs of a maturing society, from those who were there from the beginning.
In a long career as a reporter working in newspapers, radio and television, Valerie Cox has interviewed people from every county in Ireland. Over eleven years working on the Today programme on RTE Radio she travelled around the country covering stories as diverse as the closure of schools, Garda stations and post offices. She was out with the rescue services in floods and snow and covered the events that make rural Ireland special, including the ploughing. She is the author of three previous books, Searching, which tells the story of Ireland's missing people, The Family Courts, and A Ploughing People (Hachette). Valerie lives in rural County Wicklow with her husband Brian and the couple have five chil

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