God in Every Day: A Whispered Prayer


This book is about discernment. To discern means to look for clues in your innermost experience in order to know what to do or what not to do. More precisely, discernment means paying attention to what is happening in the very depths of your heart.
This book is intended as a guide to help each person in their prayer life. The book explores various images of God and how He may be found in everyday life. Reflections with suitable scripture references are provided. Some of the images of God are very familiar ones, such as God as Parent and God as Shepherd. However, other images of God are explored that may be less familiar to the reader, such as God as Chef (where we find God in food); God as Artist (where we find God in art); and God as Gardener (where we find God in the garden). The idea is to explore various images of God that are drawn from everyday life, in order to bring home the notion that God is present in the everyday. For example, in the chapter that details finding God in Art (God as Artist), the reflections relate to God as artist (painter), musician and writer, and the examples of art, music and writing are drawn from everyday life. Specifically, the art work was available to view at the local art gallery (NGI) at the time of writing; the four pieces of music are easily accessible online, as are the two poems. It is hoped that this book will aid the reader in their prayer life and help them to experience God in ordinary life by exploring usual and unusual images of God.
An experienced writer and editor, Deirdre M Powell has contributed to a variety of print and broadcast media including The St. Martin Magazine, Doctrine and Life, The Sacred Heart Messenger, The Pioneer, Ireland's Eye and Irish Lives Remembered. She contributed to a "Thought for the Day" for CI.Net for six years. This is her first book.

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