Evidence by Declan McGrath is the definitive book on evidence and is a must-have for the serious practitioner. Part of the Round Hall Brehon Library, Evidence is unique in its breadth of coverage, scope and detail. This essential practitioner work concentrates on Irish case law in relation to the Law of Evidence but also discusses relevant jurisprudence from other jurisdictions including decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. It deals not only with the law of evidence as it applies to criminal trials but also the rules applicable in civil trials. Evidence provides indispensable expertise for barristers and solicitors as well as academics and the judiciary. Contents: Relevance and admissibility; Burden of proof; Oral evidence; Unreliable evidence; Hearsay evidence; Opinion evidence; Improperly obtained evidence; Confession evidence; Character evidence; Privilege; Self-Incrimination; Documentary, Real and electronic evidence; Facts not requiring proof Declan McGrath is a practising barrister and lecturer in law at Trinity College Dublin.
Relevance and Admissibility. Burden of Proof. Oral Evidence. Unreliable Evidence. Hearsay. Evidence. Opinion Evidence. Improperly Obtained Evidence. Confession Evidence. Character Evidence. Privilege. Self-Incrimination. Documentary, Real and Electronic Evidence. Facts Not Requiring Proof.

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