Dublin Street Names


In 'Dublin Street Names', Paul Clerkin lists over 300 streets - mainly in central Dublin - and explains how they got their names. Everyone knows that O'Connell Street is named for Daniel O'Connell, but who was the Nassau in Nassau Street, or the Grafton in Grafton Street? Why is Winetavern Street so called or Usher's Island or Temple Bar? Why is Parliament Street nowhere near any parliament, old or new? Why is there an Of Lane in Dublin 1? There's Henry Street, Harry Street and Henrietta Street. Who was the lad in Lad Lane? There is Protestant Row and Pig Lane, Stoneybatter and Lotts, not to mention Dolphin's Barn and Cross Guns Bridge. This fascinating little book explains all these and many other names. It is a fun book for Dubliners and visitors alike.

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