Depression: An Emotion, Not a Disease


Is there any end to the cycle of relapse, hospitalisation and medication for sufferers of depression?Drs Michael Corry and Áine Tubridy believe there is.In this hard-hitting new book, Corry and Tubridy present a revolutionary new perspective in which they assert that depression is an emotion, just like fear, anger or love, that can be consciously influenced, rather than a disease which can only be suffered. This new theory has enormous implications for the traditional treatment of depression. It puts the sufferer back at the centre of a more individual and tailored approach to healing and raises serious questions about the medical communitys focus on medication as a primary treatment.Depression speaks both to those experiencing depression and to their families. Its aim is to: offer hope and understanding; equip sufferers with the resources to buffer them against future setbacks; end the cycle of relapse and remedicate; provide effective ways to create a new identity for the sufferer, rooted in self-acceptance and empowerment.

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