Deadly Irish History - The Celts


The Celts arrived in Ireland around 700BCE and dominated the bronze and iron ages. Even after Christianity, Irish Celts retained many of their unique culture. Accessible, anarchic and crammed to the rafters with cartoons and wacky illustrations, this book is as deadly as Irish history gets!
Irish history isn't boring ... it's DEADLY! The DEADLY! Celts came to Ireland from Europe over 2,500 years ago! DEADLY! Celtic heroes! DEADLY! Celtic warfare! DEADLY! Celtic art! But were they more than just bold, bragging bullies? Find out in this DEADLY! Irish History.
John Farrelly was born and raised in a village just outside Newry, Co. Down. After dropping out of art college because all he wanted to do was write stories and draw pictures, he became a freelance caricature artist. He always did a full day's work - he just spread it over the whole week. Finally, after a three-day siege, where no one was injured and all hostages were released, The O'Brien Press let him write stories and draw pictures. This is his first book.

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HISTORY / Europe / Ireland; British & Irish history; Ireland; BCE to c 500 CE; Interest age: from c