Centenary Remembrance of Monsignor James Horan (1911-2011)


This book which has been written, compiled and edited by Tom Neary on the occasion of the Centenary of the birth of Monsignor James Horan gives a very precise and accurate account of the life, events and major achievements of this extraordinary Churchman who ministered at Knock Shrine for 23 years and where he did his greatest work. It also outlines his work for the people he served in various other parishes. It spells out in detail the unique qualities of this great West of Ireland figure who was a tireless advocate of rural development and self-help. Some verse is also included and it too helps to throw some light on this charismatic miracle worker who spent his life in the service of others. The style of the writing is simple and straightforward
Tom Neary is a graduate of the National University of Ireland. He has worked in Education as a Secondary Teacher for decades. He has been a steward at Knock Shrine for half a century and Chief Steward for forty years. He has written numerous Books and Features on various aspects of Knock including its history, meaning and message and is Editor of the Knock Shrine Annual since 1997, a publication that records all the major events at the Shrine for every pilgrimage season. He worked closely with the late Msgr. James Horan for the 23 years that he ministered in Knock.

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