With a foreword from U2's Larry Mullen Jr, Buried Treasure uncovers music albums from the people who know music best. Musicians, actors, and producers all contribute their favourite albums to create an eclectic collection of all genres and decades of music. Buried Treasure explores the overlooked, forgotten and uncrowned classic albums that have come to be favourites of contemporary pop culture icons. This book celebrates the unveiling of that dusty old record; it ventures into the farther reaches of your iTunes library, and explores the nostalgic love held for an album that may have never have hit the top of the charts, but that was closely coveted. It features an array of reviews, stories and recommendations from Dan Hegarty and individuals such as Cillian Murphy, Imelda May, and Aidan Gillen. In the words of author Dan Hegarty, "this book is about rediscovering, introducing and celebrating." Read it and see what new music, new or old, awaits to be discovered!

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Ireland, Cillian Murphy, Imelda May, Aidan Gillen, Larry Mullen Jr