The foundation event of modern Ireland, the Easter Rising of 1916 continues to enthral almost a century later. Using contemporary diaries and recently released eye-witness testimonies, Shane Hegarty and Fintan O'Toole tell the story of a tumultuous week through the voices of the men and women who fought on each side, and of a population caught up in days of violence, looting and wild rumour. Re-asserting the event as first and foremost a human drama - in which tragedy, brutality, confusion and even moments of black comedy were played out against a city in flames - "The 1916 Rising" adds up to the most comprehensive and accessible account of "Easter Week" in print. The book is an expanded version of the supplement that appeared in "The Irish Times" in March 2006. The supplement, which was published in association with the Department of Education and Science, was received with praise in all quarters - a remarkable achievement in view of the historical controversy that still surrounds the Rising. The original text has been augmented by new illustrations and material, including additional rebel and army accounts of the fighting, surrender and executions.

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