Roisin Meaney

In 1977 Roisin Meaney finished a sentence and won a car. The sentence was 'I would like to win a Ford Fiesta because my father won't let me drive his.' In the 24 years that followed she wrote a lot more sentences and won a lot more prizes. In 2001 she finally decided to keep writing sentences until she filled a book. Since then she's written eleven adult novels and two children's books. Her work has been translated into German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch and Italian. Two of her books have also been published in the US: Semi-Sweet (previously Love in the Making) and Life Drawing for Beginners (previously The Things We Do for Love).

Books by Roisin Meaney
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Putting Out the Stars

The Daisy Picker

Love in the Making
Digital original

The Things We Do For Love

Love in the Making

Something in Common

See If I Care

Showing 1 to 12 of 47 Books