James Fennell

Irish writer Turtle Bunbury and photographer James Fennell have now collaborated on seven books. The duo have known each other since early childhood. Their fathers were tremendous friends. They were at school together from the ages of eight to thirteen. Turtle was James's best man; James is godfather to Turtle's daughter Bay. An interview with the two authors formed a major feature in The Irish Times Magazine in November 2009. During the 1990s, Turtle studied history at Trinity College Dublin. After three years living in Hong Kong, he enjoyed a career as a roving historian in Ireland for a travel website. In 2004, he published his first book on Ireland’s ‘Big House’ families. His travel-writing career also flourished when he won Ireland’s Longhaul Journalist of the Year Award in 2006. Meanwhile, James Fennell completed his visual media studies in Dublin and began working as an apprentice for various photographers, primarily the successful fashion photographer Perry Ogden. He duly went out on his own, rapidly establishing himself as one of Ireland’s leading fashion, interiors and portrait photographers.

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Vanishing Ireland

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