Patricia Murphy

I am a children’s author and filmmaker. As well as publishing children's novels, I have made award-winning documentaries for BBC and Channel 4. These include, “Children of Helen House” about the pioneering children’s hospice in Oxford. “Born to be Different”, Channel 4′s groundbreaking series following the lives of children born with disabilities in the 21st century and “Behind the Crime” where criminals revealed how they committed their crimes. Other programmes include “Raised by the State” on growing up in care and “Worst Jobs in History”. I am also a prizewinning children’s author of “The Chingles” trilogy of Celtic fantasy novels. "The Easter Rising 1916 - Molly's Diary" is the first book in a trilogy of children's novels about the road to the Irish republic.

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Chingles Go West

The Chingles and the Vampire King

The Chingles from the East

Leo's War: Italy 1943-1944

Showing 1 to 8 of 8 Books