The Mountains of Mourne Their Charm and Their People (Classic Reprint)


There is one spot on earth, how dearly I love it, Tis a star that doth beckon wherever I roam, And my thoughts often wander in loyal devotion To the home of my childhood to Kin TyM ourne. Hospitality in the true sense is rare, it is not what is given but the manner of giving that matters. A friend told me lately that when she gave money to the poor, she accompanied the gift by gently pressing the hand of the recipient. That act means more than the gift itself. It is so in Mourne. There one meets with fine native courtesy, a true hospitality spontaneous and whole-hearted it is as free as the air from the mountain tops; you seem to inhale it; it is part of the place, you cannot evade it. Ask anyone there the time of day !A smile lights up the countenance at your request, and if you wish to ascertain at the same time the name of each of the mountains, instantly you are rewarded with data you would fain jot down in your notebook. (Typographical errors above are due to OCR software and don't occur in the book.)

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County Down, Mourne, Carlingford