Rediscovering Saint Patrick: A New Theory of Origins


Captured from his home by pirates when he was a teenager, sold into slavery in Ireland, Patrick escaped only to return years later as Ireland’s famous Apostle and now the world’s most celebrated Patron Saint... But did St Patrick come to Ireland from Britain - or Brittany? This book is the fruit of a four year quest for evidence to support a Chateau's claim to fame. It combines a detailed and scholarly historical inquiry with storytelling genius.The reader is invited to embark on a sacred quest, entering a labyrinth of legend and tradition to share in the adventure of an exciting, historic discovery. Step by step, as the journey unfolds, we are drawn into an even greater mystery. St Patrick's life and our lives, his story and our story - are inextricably intertwined. "Rediscovering Saint Patrick - A New Theory of Origins" Columba Press, 2013. 272 pp Paperback. First published 2013.

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BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / General; Roman Catholicism, Roman Catholic Church; ; Patrick; Christian