Horace Winter Says Goodbye


Fall in love with Horace Winter ...
Meet Horace Winter and fall in love with life again ...Horace Winter doesn't, strictly speaking, have friends. Ever since the long-ago day when the Very Bad Thing happened, he prefers to spend his time in the company of moths and butterflies, who are far less likely to disappoint him than humans. But then, on the day Horace retires from his job as assistant bank manager, he takes a turn and, faced with devastating news, he is suddenly forced to confront his life. Then Horace meets Amanda. And Max. And ex-Corporal Migsie Spring. He discovers a letter his father never posted, and goes on a mission to find its addressee. He gets a man jailed (sort of) and rescues his son (sort of). He learns to fly a model airplane and takes his own first flight abroad, to England and then the beaches of Normandy. And all to answer one central question: is Horace Winter a moth? Or is he a butterfly?
Conor Bowman is a native of Dublin, Ireland, where he is a practicing Junior Counsel at the Law Library of Ireland. He is married with four children.

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