Follow Me: Leading from the Front


Leadership – especially during difficult periods – means having the courage to put yourself on the front line, choose a direction and say: follow me! Kim Kristensen is a Danish author, motivational speaker and executive coach who teaches leadership skills to business leaders, diplomats and entrepreneurs around the world. Follow Me will guide you through the pillars of effective leadership. The power of example is unmistakeable, writes Kristensen, who served as a commander with the Royal Danish Army in Afghanistan and the Balkans. He believes you have to lead from the front. You have to go first. Knowing that you’ll be there in both good times and bad – not just at the office party but also when the going gets tough – engenders trust and confidence among your employees. Basing his observations on his own experience, Kristensen offers a range of effective tools to create a unique strategy with a consistent focus on tough training and choosing the right people. This is the foundation of world-class leadership. The “New Nordic Leadership” is the new leadership mindset. Follow it.

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