Flabyrinth: A Journey from Losing Nine Stone to Finding Myself


For every woman who's ever looked in the mirror and felt crap: a funny, filthy and uplifting account of one woman's quest to leave body insecurity behind.
For every woman who's ever looked in the mirror and felt crap. Jules Coll was a slim child, which was misleading in a way, as she spent her formative years doing little other than consuming vast quantities of sugar and plotting to secure her next fix. It wasn't until her late teens, when hormones began playing havoc with her metabolism, that Jules' diet began to take its toll. Year on year, pound by pound, her weight began to tick upwards until she was tipping the scales at 19 stone. Self-esteem at rock bottom, her love life on life support, Jules decided it was time to contemplate a radical change. Flabyrinth is the story of Jules' escape from maximum insecurity prison. As well as sharing her journey from thin to fat and back again, it's a hilariously, refreshing and honest take on what it feels like to be a girl! 'Rather uproarious and brilliant.' Sunday Independent 'Get out of my head, Jules! An unexpected, unapologetic, brutally honest read with a few giggles along the way ...loved it.' Jennifer Zamparelli 'Laughed out loud, been close to tears ...I'd give it 5 Star Bars!' Mairead Ronan 'Jules Coll is unreal. I was only 10 pages in and I was pissing myself! So gas. Highly recommend. She's feckin' hilarious.' James Kavanagh
Jules Coll is the talented co-writer and producer of RTE 2's hit comedy TV show Damo & Ivor and the subject of RTE prime-time documentary Nine Stone Lighter. It followed her journey as she underwent weight-loss surgery and transformed her body and life, morphing from 19 stone and a size 22 to 10 stone and a size 10. She has a huge online following (Facebook / ninestonelighter, Instagram / ninestonelighter, Snapchat / JulesCarbonara, Twitter / @9stonelighter, Website / www.julescoll.com)

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